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  • How to master the 3 Steps to find new music, categorize and sequence music for your classes. Save tons of time and avoid stress with creating playlists. 
  • The 3 Essential Apps every yoga teacher needs in their phone.
  • Create sought-after playlists on Spotify, Itunes or any music platform. 
  • Discover the simple secret to always match the breath and beat of the music.
  • The Big 6 - Unlimited Music Platforms you may be missing out on.
  • Stay out of trouble - how to play public music legally (without spending lots of $)
  • Curate your unique sound with confidence, inspire your students & grow your class size.

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About Your Presenter

DJ Taz Rashid has been making mixes and DJ’ing for global yoga teachers at Yoga Journal Conferences, Wanderlust Festivals, Arise, Bhakti Fest, Bali Spirit Fest, Global Purpose, and more. Taz lives his dharma as a channel for the expansion of global consciousness by inspiring his audience to tap into their creative wisdom through movement, music, surrender and awakening.

In producing and performing music for yoga and meditation, Taz focuses on guiding students toward developing inspirational music (playlists) for their classes. He emphasizes breath beat sequencing, texture and a wide range of sound sourcing that, with awareness, can be combined to foster a mix of energizing, supportive and healing experiences.  

DJ Taz Rashid Yoga Meditaiton Musician and Global DJ 

"I show yoga teachers how to master breath-beat sequencing, consider sound texture and gather a wide range of sound sources that can be combined to foster a mix of energizing, supportive and healing experiences for their classes." - Taz

"DJ Taz is an irreplaceable addition to my yoga sessions on an international level. I wish I would've taken his Playlist training years ago--it would've given me more success, student satisfaction and financial freedom, way sooner!" 

-Sadie Nardini, Yoga Teacher, Musician

DJ Taz brings a yogi’s heart, body and soul to the flow of a yoga experience, the dance floor or the alchemy of life with his full-spectrum mixes from chill to rocking."

-Shiva Rea, Global Yoga Teacher 

What a tremendous spirit! DJ Taz has an intuitive connection to grace of prayer through movement. The rhythms and beats he adds help propel the practice deeper within and without, as we meet each other in the devotion of the breath and movement.

-Janet Stone, Global Yoga Teacher  

DJ Taz rocks it out with his soulful and high vibe grooves that move your body, lift your Spirit and sing to your heart. I collaborate with DJ Taz at Yoga & Music festivals around the world. His smile, soul and skill all shine through as a source of inspiration for everyone. DJ Taz is a Lighthouse of LOVE!

-Sianna Sherman, International Yoga Teacher, Founder of Mythic Yoga Flow & Cofounder of Urban Priestess  

If you're like most yoga teachers, you don't have a ton of time to search for fresh new songs, carefully arrange them and jump through technical hoops every time you want to teach a class. I look forward to seeing you on the FREE webinar and show you the fast track to prolific curation.